2019-2021 Circles


Flower: Gloriosa Lily

Color: Red & White

Civic Project: Ribault Garden Club Grounds

Circle Theme:  "All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own."​


Flower: Yucca

Colors: Green & White

Civic Project: Jarboe Monument at Jarboe Park, Neptune Beach

Therapy project: TBA

Circle Theme: "Ours is the Earth and everything in it."


Flower: Magnolia

Color: Green & White

Civic Project: B.E.A.M.

Therapy Project: Dial -A- Ride

Circle Theme: "Our Gardens Nurture Love and Friendship"

Atlantic Beach Offocers 2021-2023

President - Gail Taylor

Della Robbia Officers 2021-2023

President - Sally Henry

Magnolia Officers 2021 -2023

President - Marcia Clarke

Yucca Officers 2021-2023

President - Lisa Bottaro


Flower: Hydrangea

Color: Pink & Blue

Civic Project: Maintaining Flowers around CPC sign.

Therapy project:  Herb Gardening

Circle Theme: "Creative Learning is a Joy"

Holds Meeting at the Community Presbyterian Church in Atlantic Beach on the third Thursday of each month.